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    Hidden spy camera DVR video/audio surveillance recorder with�wireless wifi inside large (30cm) wall clock. Watch live full hd video on your smartphone or tablet via P2P (point to point) wifi connection or connect to wifi router and watch from anywhere. This�slimline (4.5cm) gold and white plastic wall�clock has a large clock face (diameter 30cm x 4.5cm depth). Suitable for placing anywhere at home, work, office, shop,�factory�or warehouse. The�5MP high definition pin hole camera with 90� wide angled lens is well hidden and virtually invisible. The built in video recorder supports up to 64GB memory card storing over 50 hours.�Recordings stored on memory card are full hd 1280x720p AVI format video and include sound. The camera is operated via wifi on your smartphone or tablet using the P2PLiveCam free App. Recorder can be set to record at certain time or by motion detection or constantly with loop recording optional. Set up to be sent push notifications to your phone when movement is detected for you to view.
    This wireless wifi video spy camera recorder wall clock is the real thing and works properly. This exact same clock is sold from China but none of them work properly for the reasons explained below.
    This clock looks the part with enough room inside for hidden camera recorder and large battery pack. However the Chinese import has many design faults that require modification before it is fit for purpose. For example – the clock hands obscure camera, every minute and each hour, activating motion detection and obscuring its vision. The original battery supplied to power camera is too�small lasting�only�1-2�hours (less than half the 6 hours quoted). Audio is non existent, cutting in and out and when it does work it is very poor. Modified UK version has good quality audio and is constant, a huge difference in comparison.
    Modified by Micronic in the UK to operate�without problems that currently exist with the Chinese imported version. With such problems Micronic had to modify clock before it could become useable. Please read carefully below the most common defects from the Chinese import version. This spy clock camera now works properly without dropping out providing clear video and audio.
    What’s the difference?
    1. The clock hands are too long covering camera lens and activating motion detection when used.
    The clock is fully dismantled by specialists to replace hands�to avoid camera lens.
    2. It does not include memory card and requires�taking clock apart to install memory card.
    The clock base is removed and fitted with optional memory card.
    16GB stores 4 hours 1080p FHD video
    32GB stores 8 hours 1080p FHD video
    64GB stores 16 hours 1080p FHD video
    3. Clock camera has 1200mAh battery fitted inside that lasts 2 hours maximum.
    1200mAh battery is replaced with optional higher�capacity battery.
    2500mAh lasting 6 hours
    5000mAh lasting 12 hours
    10,000mAh lasting 24 hours.
    4. Original USB power lead supplied can not be used to power camera.
    90� angled USB lead and UK mains adapter to operate clock is supplied.
    5. When in use flashing blue/red lights are visible�through�clock face (at night).
    Modifications made and light is no longer visible when operating.
    Once modified it is possible to use all the�features and functions intended�without any problems. No false recordings or�alarm notifications when using motion detection. Enough battery power to last 24 hours and UK mains adapter for permanent use.
    Supports:�Android and IOS Smart Phone
    Memory:�16GB-64GB MicroSD TF memory card
    Dimensions:�30cm diameter x 4.5cm depth
    Battery capacity:�2500mAh-10000mAh / 6-24 hours
    Power Source:�USB charger DC 5V 2.1A
    Video Record Resolution:�1920p x 1080p
    WiFi distance:�Global
    P2P distance:�<50m
    Interface Type:�Mini USB
    Photo format:�JPG
    Video format:�AVI
    Audio format:�WAV
    Colour:�Gold Rim / White clock face

    Package includes

    1 x WiFi wall clock camera
    1 x Power Charger
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x User Manual
    Additional information

    10000mAh, 2500mAh, 5000mAh


    16GB, 32GB, 64GB, No Memory

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