Weight Lifting Arm Blaster


      • Isolate and focus on your Biceps and Triceps with our Premium Arm Blaster to maximize Biceps and Triceps muscle gains.
      • This tool locks your elbows in the perfect position. It helps eliminate all swinging to get a full contraction at the top of each repetition.
      • Our Premium Arm Blaster will help you to make progressive overload easier as you are more focused.
      • Our stylish Arm Blaster has a sleek design that can easily fit in your gym bag and can be used with an e-z curl bar, a straight bar, or dumbbells.
      • Your biceps will look massive and feel as if they’re about to pop. The bicep pump you’ll get from performing 2 – 3 exercises with our Arm Blaster is unlike any bicep pump you’ve experienced before.
      • This Gym Arm Blaster is heavy duty made to last and withstand high weights and strengths.


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