Volcann Heavy Duty Rocket Wood Burning Stove & Oven

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A high quality, well designed, outdoor wood powered portable cooker with removable oven. Ideal for a fun time cooking in the Garden or a long Camping trip in the woods. This Rocket Stove will be a reliable cooking source for your use. The large size allows use of a large pan or cooking pot for up to 8 people and the Dog.

The Volcann Rocket Stove gives�highly efficient�cooking using wood, twigs or kindling and is very easy to set up. Simply insert the top cooking plates and load your fuel.


Uniquely�designed to incorporate an adjustable air inlet to control the cooking temperature giving you perfectly cooked food every time.

Long cook times can be achieved�using the�lower door to remove ash build-up during use.

The stove has a handle on the rear allowing for easy transportation.


  • 530mm Tall
  • 160mm Wide
  • 400mm Deep


This is designed to fit our Volcann Rocket Stove, however this can also be used on other brand camping stoves. You many need to make minor adjustments to your existing stove to enable safe and secure use.

The uniquely�designed�cooking oven means that smoke will not enter the cooking chamber.�


  • 370mm Wide
  • 300mm Deep
  • 200mm Tall

A door mounted thermometer and an oven vent to allow for temperature controlled cooking.�

Manufactured in the�United Kingdom�from Heavy Duty Steel.

Coated in temperature resistant powder coat.

Please note: The Stainless Steel tray shown within the oven is not included

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