Upgrade Watch/Transmitter Dual Control Intelligent Induction RC Robot




Main Feature:

  • The transmitter and watch can be operated by remote control.so the robot can be controled  by 2 different remote controls .And the watch has the following function, with the watch and the following function.
  • Gesture sensing function, hands in the gesture control area, control the robot forward, backward, left, right turn.
  • Each joint of the robot is designed with flexible design, and the operation is more agile to meet the full range of precise control.
  • The robot has different mobile modes and walks; Gliding movement and fast moving mode, players can change according to different environment, make the correct operation instructions.
  • Many fun action combinations play together to make the robot no longer monotonous. Through the programming keys, the combination of actions, programmable multiple action combinations, complete programming; The robot will play back the game according to the current programming action, which is interesting in action programming, intelligent technology and intelligent interpretation, and cool play.
  • Press the dance button, the robot follows the rhythm to jump out of the dynamic dance, dancing miracle.



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RED, White

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