Ultimate Foot Peeling Mask


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Regain your baby-soft feet in a soothing 30-minute exfoliation treatment�with BabySkin��Ultimate Foot Peeling Mask!�

Filled with an�advanced blend of phytonutrients and mild fruit acid complex, this foot peel mask quickly penetrates only dead skin layer to�remove all the dry, cracked & dead skin cells.

Get a relaxing home pedicure with�fresh, brightened & baby-smooth feet. No more painful cracked heels, calluses or dry heels!

Thanks to the boot-shaped cut, the mask does not only exfoliate hard calluses but also�hydrates & moisturizes�to deliver a comforting foot spa experience by wrapping your feet with rich essence to�calm & deodorize for an overall nourishment.


  • Excellent peeling result in 30 minutes
  • Visible enhancement to�smooth, soften & brighten the skin of your feet
  • Hydrates & moisturizes your feet with a�spa-grade home treatment
  • Rich phytonutrients & mild fruit acid complex to maximize the nourishing result
  • Applicable to all skin types,�perfect fordry, cracked feet, fatigue, aching feet�etc.
  • Boot-shaped cut for quicker & fuller absorption


  1. Place one mask on each foot and secure them with the adhesive tape.
  2. Keep them on for 30 minutes. You can put on socks/slippers over the mask and walk or massage gently.
  3. After 30 minutes, you can rinse with water and peel off the dead skin in seconds.

*Recommended to apply once a week.


Quantity:�2 pcs foot masks

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