Tricolor Pickup Truck Taillight


    • Offered with a stopping power 3 times more powerful than the standard single light bar, because it is a triple LED light bar which makes the display of light brighter and sharper.
    • The tailgates light syncs with the vehicle’s light allowing you to use (brakes/turn signals/reverse mode) on the light bar.
    • These meant for upgrading your car’s look making it more unique and attractive with an amazing display of light.
    • Waterproof silicone housing with inline fuse for short circuit protection. You can use these either in winter or summer even any lousy weather coz it anti-high and low temperature without deforming.
    • WORRIED ABOUT DRILLING TO INSTALL IT? Installation Is Easier Than You Think! Made to be as simple and strong as possible. Simply peel, prep, press onto your car and this add-on is as good as factory installed. It comes with a toughs-as-nails adhesive enhancer that increases hold strength over 10x. No need to drill, it ain’t goin’ anywhere.


    • Material: FPCB
    • Type Car taillight : Model HR-2835F432D
    • Light source power: 10 (W)
    • Voltage: 12 (V)
    • Dimensions : 150CX22X8 (mm)
    • Current : 2 (A)
    • Service life: 30000 (hours)
    • Luminous flux: 1800
    • Color temperature: Red, Yellow and White
    • Applicable models: Pickup truck
    • Color rendering index: ≥80
    • Luminous flux / brightness: 1200
    • Angle of illumination: 180

    Three rows of three-color running water pickup box light bar

    • The red line picks up the car and reverses the positive pole. The brown line is the shared negative pole.
    • Working voltage: DC12-16V Current is 3A Packing size: 18X18X2.5CM Weight: 216G
    • Product lamp beads: 2835 Sanan Light bar parameters: 432 lights Red (144) Yellow (144) White (144)
    • Turn right (5+2) left turn water (5+3) double flash (3+2) brake (5+3+2) day line (4+5)
    • The brown wire can be connected to the 12V negative electrode. If it is not connected to the car, it will work with the positive electrode and the 1.2.3 foot.
    • Support all existing cars in the market, built-in decoding (Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, JMC)
    • Cold resistance minus 35 degrees:

    Red Wire: 12+ connecting to work

    2.Green Wire: Left Turn Signal(scanning from middle to left)&Brake Light (5+1)

    3.Yellow Wire: Right Turn Signal(scanning from middle to right)& Brake Light(5+2)

    4.White Wire: Brake Lamp(5+4)

    5.Gray Wire: Ground  ( 5)

    6.double flashing light: (2+3)

    7.out Yellow wire:( 4+5 )running light

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