The Ultimate Survival Tool 23-In-1 Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel


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As avid campers ourselves, we know just how hard it can be to find good tools that last. We were always on the lookout for ones that�don�t take up too much room in your backpack�and are lightweight and easy to carry around. This led us to create an�entirely new tool,�which we combined into�a�sturdy, lightweight, durable shovel.The�ultimate survival tool 23-in-1 multi-purpose folding shovel�features�all the necessary tools�that require any risk.�Our shovels are�designed to strike the�right balance between durability and strength, ensuring you�re ready for anything.


  • Multi-function & user -friendly design: This cool shovel is�an emergency tool to use in many situations�such as snow shovel or car shovel.�Divided into several parts, the shovel has multi-functions not just simply as a shovel.�It can be used as a snow shovel, Safe hammer, saw knife and screwdriver, fire starter, etc.

  • Adjustable and detachable: Unlike other shovels,�you can adjust the shovel angle with its special screw locking device, making it simple to alternate functions and positions.�Spade can be used 40�, 90�, or 180� angle as hook, hoe, or shovel.�In addition, its handle is spliced from three sections so it is�detachable and you can adjust the length according to your need.

  • High � quality material:�Forged from Manganese steel and 404 stainless steel,�it is�made to last and is constructed to withstand heavy-duty entrenching and digging jobs.

  • Portable:�Small folding size can be put in a backpack.�Easy to adjust to 3 different lengths, 26.5inch, 21inch, 15inch.


  • Material:�Carbon steel
  • Waterproof:�Yes
  • Large long handle:�13�x 16�x 67 cm

Package includes:�1 x�The ultimate survival tool 23-in-1 multi-purpose folding shovel

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