Tennis Training Tool



    Practice your swing and tennis skills anytime, anywhere.

    Do you often find it challenging to sustain a volley? Are you looking to improve your tennis swing?

    There are a lot of benefits when it comes to playing tennis. But this sport usually needed specific play area and a playmate to fully experience its benefits. 

    Well, not anymore! As we introduce you to our very own Tennis Training Tool!

    Tennis Training Tool is specially designed for practicing tennis anytime and anywhere. It has a full-sized tennis ball attached to a tether cord that is attached to a base that also serves as an anchor for the ball to be able to back for another hit.

    It is made of high-quality materials making it super durable and sturdy to use. It is proven to withstand even strong and powerful shots.

    Tennis Training Tool has a rubber base making it anti-slip and safe. The base can be filled with sand and water to provide weight so it can counter the ball’s motion. It is compact and easy to carry anywhere. It’s a perfect training tool for both novice and professionals alike. 

    Free yourself from the hassle of the need to go to the tennis court to practice your volley and hot.

    Save money from having to pay for automatic ball throwers.


    • Material: PE (Polyethylene)
    • Size:

    Packaging Includes:

    1 x Tennis Training Tool

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