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    Are you a Takoyaki lover? Make 18 balls simultaneously with this Takoyaki Maker!

    It might not be as famous as sushi or noodles, but�takoyaki is one of the most fun and tasty of Japanese foods.�In a nutshell, it’s doughy octopus balls.�


    While that might not be the most appetizing of descriptions, just wait till you’ve bitten into a delicious dough ball with chopped up pieces of taking octopus inside.

    This�Takoyaki Maker�will let you make up to eighteen takoyaki balls simultaneously, bringing a taste of�Osaka’s classic street food�to your home.�

    The low-power plate is operated by just one simple switch�and then the rest�you can leave up to the heat!�Just remember to turn the balls so they cook evenly.�Great fun for all the family.

    This electric takoyaki machine�can make 18 Japanese Takoyakis�at the�same time�so that you and your family�can enjoy at the same time without delay.

    The surface of this electric Takoyaki pan is�coated with a non-stick material�so that you can�easily cook�with no hassle of sticking. It makes your cooking more�enjoyable and convenient.

    After you have done the cooking, you can�easily clean this takoyaki maker�by using a�non-abrasive cleaning sponge�and some�dishwashing detergent.

    Double layer coating baking pan,non-stick
    Aviation aluminum alloy material
    Easy to clean and operate

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