Sub Ature Microphone 3.5Mm Trrs Trs For Smartphone & Laptop


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    Adjustable 90 Mic
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    Miniature 3.5mm TRS and TRRS�Micronic�microphones for use with voice recorder/laptop or Smartphone/MacBook. 6 different microphones available, the miniature, adjustable and flexible gooseneck with TRS or TRRS Jack plug connector. From the options above select the Microphone and Connector.

    The ‘Mini Mic’ is�Omni-directional picking up sound equally in all directions. The dimensions are�only 15mm height and 1cm diameter. It is more sensitive than�uni-directional and much smaller in size. Ideal for recording speech, animal/nature, room�conversations, meetings, lectures.

    The ‘Flexible Mic’ is Uni-directional picking up sound in the direction it is faced. It has a flexible 5cm gooseneck to face in required direction. It is less�sensitive�than omni-directional and slightly larger in size (2.5cm height x 1.5cm diameter).�Ideal�for recording speech, vocals, singing, music, concerts, engines.

    The ‘Adjustable�90� Mic’ is Uni-directional cardioid picking up sound in the direction is is faced. It can be moved on a hinge, up to a�90� angle to face the desired direction. It is less sensitive than omni-directional and slightly larger in size (2.5cm x 1.5cm). Ideal for recording speech, vocals, singing, music, concerts.

    The TRS connector is compatible with laptops, PC (not�MacBooks) and mono / stereo digital voice recorders.

    The TRRS connector is compatible with portable devices, smartphones, tablets and�MacBooks.

    Features and Specifications
    Miniature size – 10mm/15mm diameter x 15mm/25mm height
    High quality�sound and strong solid construction
    Suited for 3.5mm MIC inputs on voice recorder
    PC / LAPTOP (not�MacBooks)�3.5mm MIC input
    3.5mm TRS & TRRS jack plug connector
    5cm flexible metal gooseneck
    Low noise FET technology
    S/N Ratio more than 60dB
    Omni-directional frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz
    Uni-directional frequency response: 100Hz-12KHz
    Omni-directional sensitivity: -44dB � 3.0 dB
    Uni-directional sensitivity: -58DB�� 3.0 dB
    Maximum sound pressure level: 120 dB SPL

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    Adjustable 90 Mic, Flexible Mic, Mini Mic

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