Stereo Binaural Microphone 3.5Mm Trs Jack Plug 3D Audio Sound For Virtual Reality Studio Recording


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    Binaural microphones are most popular for recording concerts, lectures and rehearsals. There is no better sounding microphone technique available producing a 3D effect in sound.

    Binaural microphones come in pairs and are wired separately in Stereo. When placed near each ear or apart they record exactly what you hear. Producing a much more realistic and true surround sound. The effect is amazing, recordings of live bands giving the exact precise sound. The positions of the performers, the reverberation and echo of the room, and audience reactions are all captured precisely. Binaural recordings provide the most realistic recordings you’ll ever hear.

    These microphones are small and discreet and almost weightless (<1g) and available in different styles such as mini lavaliere, headphones, earphones, glasses and pen�s. Why in earphone or pen? Most concerts won’t let you take in recording equipment so you have to get imaginative. Select the type you prefer from the drop down menu above.

    The mini electret condenser capsules used are from Panasonic. They are WM61 and well renowned for recording excellent true sound. These require ‘plug-in power’ provided at the microphone socket.

    The microphones are paired and matched within 1dB of each other. Sensitivity of the microphone cartridges is -38dB. The microphones are Omni-directional but their pickup pattern may vary by absorption and reflection depending on their position. The noise level is typical of electret condensor microphones, approximately 30dBA. This is well below the noise level of most recorders microphone pre-amps and ambient noise. They provide the highest sound quality at very low distortion operation. They also cope well at high sound pressure levels typical of rock concerts and motor racing (from 110 db to 140 dB SPL).

    Features and Specifications
    Connector: Gold plated 3.5mm Stereo jack
    Cable: Twin black 2 core copper screened
    Signal to noise ratio: 58dB (1kHz at 1Pa)
    Device type: Back Electret Condenser
    Frequency response: 20Hz – 20Khz
    Sensitivity: 5mV/Pa/1kHz, �3dB
    Impedance: 2200 Ohm (2.2k)
    Microphone Diameter: 7mm
    Directivity: Omnidirectional
    Strong robust construction
    Sound level SPL: 130dB
    Cable length: 2 metres
    Comfortable wearing
    Overall weight: 200g
    Moisture resistant
    Voltage 1.5v-10v
    Sweat resistant
    Colour: Black

    Additional information

    Earphone, Lavaliere, Pen

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