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Get it accurate the first time with Smart Vein Locator – An Essential For Every Nurse, Phlebotomist, Medical Professional & Caregiver!

Looking for a solution to trace veins more easily? We know,one of the most difficult parts of drawing blood may be to find a suitable vein. While most people have visible veins, some people have veins that are difficult to see – especially the elderly, children & babies,  or due to fatty tissue, darker skin tone, etc. Smart Vein Finder is the essential tool for reliable and more effective venipuncture procedures.

Save Time & Reduce The Pain, Stress & Trauma Experienced By Patients For Hard-to-find Veins With Our Smart Vein Finder!


  • LOCATE VEINS INSTANTLY: The Smart Vein Locator has a sleek black body that gives red illumination. The illuminating vein finder light helps to identify veins even in patients labeled a “Hard Stick.” Powered by 3 x AAA battery (not included).

  • EASY TO USE: Minimize The Light. A dark room will show the best results. Press the button on the bottom of the device to turn on the infrared LED. Press gently on the skin with your hand move the pressure device and slowly from side to side. Veins will appear as shadows or dark lines that on the periphery of red glowing light.

  • IDEAL & BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Affordable vein finder device ideal for nurses, doctors, phlebotomists, students, adults, pediatrics, neonatal, surgical, doctors offices, phlebotomy lab

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Smart Vein Locator
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