Smart Remote Control Sensing Battle Robot Smart Voice


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1. Manually adjust the shape

2. Gesture sensing: through gestures, you can control the robot
to move forward, back, turn left, and turn right. When completing each action,
it is more dynamic with sound effects

3. Remote control: the robot can be controlled to walk by
remote control

4. Automatic presentation: play music and walk forward, turn
left and right randomly

5. Learning function: allows children to learn popular science
knowledge and good habits in life

6. Programming action: you can program the walking direction
according to your own preference


1. Charging status: During the charging process, the charging
indicator of the USB cable lights up and turns off when fully charged. The
battery is low, the robot will have a voice prompt

2. Product packaging: robot, remote control, manual, USB
charging cable

3. Product features: forward, backward, turn left, turn right,
fast or slow speed, slide forward/backward, pause, programming, gesture sensing,
automatic presentation, volume, mechanical language, music, song, science



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