Simulation Mouse Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats



     🐱 Cats are crazy about chasing games 🐈

    An exciting cat toy, this cat feather toy is an irresistible lure for cats!

    Swing this feathers ” mouse” will get your cats excited and bring out the ” hunt instinct”!

    • Play with your cat all day, consume your cat’s energy and prevent it from destroying furniture

    • Use this interactive cat toy to increase the cat’s playing time and avoid their depression.

    • This cute bouncing mouse toy will keep your cat playing for hours! It is a kind of elastic rope, which can provide uninterrupted fun for your kitten, and can even accompany the cat to exercise.

    • It can also help you train the cat’s intelligence, improve the hunting ability, and develop the relationship between the owner and the cat. Suitable for cats of all ages.

    • Triangle hook: can be hung on door beam door handle seat. Places such as chairs, cages, etc. can play.

    • Adjustable buckle: adjust rope length through adjusting buckle, let cat comfortable play.

    • Elastic rope design: full length about 180 cm elastic large lets small toy at bottom swing.

    • Mouse shape: when swinging attracts cats’ attention.

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