Silicone Tip Reusable Straw



    Save the Earth by Switching to Reusable Straw now!

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    The land & sea is suffering from terrible plastic pollution for years, millions & billions of plastic straw are being disposed unethically by us humans. It is time is make a change by switching to the Silicon Tip Reusable Straw!

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    The Silicon Tip Reusable Straw is the best alternative to plastic straw, it is easy to clean, store & most importantly, healthier to both the Earth and our body! It is made out of food grade 304 Stainless Steel & comes with a bent & straight straw.

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    The Silicon Tip Reusable Straw comes with multiple color to choose for & the simplistic looking straw combined with the convenient storage bag makes it perfect to bring around in your purse or bag to any dine-in restaurant. Stop using plastic straw & start saving the Earth!

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    • Modern & Beautiful Looking
    • Bent & Straight Straw To Fit Different Cups
    • Easy to Clean & Store
    • Made of Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
    • Convenient & Portable 

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    • 1 x Silicon Tip Reusable Straw Bag
    • 2 x Silicon Tip Reusable Straight Straw
    • 2 x Silicon Tip Reusable Bent Straw
    • 1 x Straw Cleaning Brush
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