robot intelligent programming for dogs, children, and pet


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1. In addition to hundreds of functions such as voice recognition, various touch sensors, LED lights, RF sensors and Bluetooth speakers, this smart dog robot pet also includes the for PuppyGo app.

2.The integrated Bluetooth speaker uses this robot dog with others. Listen to your favorite music while playing smart puppies and teach new and amazing tricks. This Bluetooth speaker can let your favorite pets play together!

3.Simply select from the various effects in the app, press play, and watch your robot dog perform normal operations in front of you. Play music through the Bluetooth speaker and your smart dog will dance rhythmically!

4.Perfect size – The size of the robot dog is perfect for use in almost any room. This robotic toy pet can be safely hidden in the toy box at night, or left in the corner of the room, with a simple voice command of “wake up” to wake up! “

5.Provide the perfect Christmas, birthday gift for kids – use this unique robotic smart toy to let your kids enjoy hours of entertainment.


Name: Intelligent Voice Robot Dog Toy for Children – Multi-function Application Controlled Machine Puppy Toy for Children Boys & Girls

Product size: about 12.5″ L x 8.25″ W x 9″ H

Product weight: about 1800g

  • In addition to hundreds of functions such as voice recognition, various touch sensors, LED lights, RF sensors and Bluetooth speakers, this smart dog robot pet also includes the for PuppyGo app.
  • The integrated Bluetooth speaker uses this robot dog with others. Listen to your favorite music while playing smart puppies and teach new and amazing tricks. This Bluetooth speaker can let your favorite pets play together!
  • Simply select from the various effects in the app, press play, and watch your robot dog perform normal operations in front of you. Play music through the Bluetooth speaker and your smart dog will dance rhythmically!
  • Perfect size – The size of the robot dog is perfect for use in almost any room. This robotic toy pet can be safely hidden in the toy box at night, or left in the corner of the room, with a simple voice command of “wake up” to wake up! “
  • Provide the perfect Christmas, birthday gift for kids – use this unique robotic smart toy to let your kids enjoy hours of entertainment.
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