Remote Control/Electric T-Rex Kids Toy


Electric dinosaur
Electric dinosaur
RC dinosaur
RC dinosaur

Remote Control/Electric T-Rex Kids Toy

Impressively enough for it to look realistic!

This toy is definitely a must-have especially for your kids that find the fun time while playing dinosaurs. This will truly make them feel like there is a real-life dinosaur in your home. This is specially made to have the finest details in order for it to look exactly enough as T-rex. This can move forward or backward, turn right or left, shake its head, and also do a 360 degrees rotation. But most importantly, this also emits a flashlight and roaring sound which will truly make your kids love this more and more to the point that they will no longer want to let go of this in their hands.

Remote Control/Electric T-Rex Kids Toy is very easy to use. It may come in a remote or simply an electric one. You can choose the variation of it depending on which one you think will be much preferable for your kids. Since this toy is also equipped with a large capacity of battery, you can rest assured that your kids will be able to play with this as long as they wanted it to. This toy is not only made from premium quality materials. All the materials used to make this are also 100% safe so you can be sure that this is non-toxic and good for the kids.

  • Easy To Use: You can expect that your kids will never have a hard time enjoying how to play this.
  • Safe: It does not have any harmful materials that can be dangerous to kids’ health.
  • Entertaining: The lots of amazing things this can do will truly make this the most engaging and appealing toy for kids.
  • Beneficial: With this, your kids will be well-informed about the appearance of types of dinosaurs and will make them focus their attention on real toys and not only on gadgets.
  • Dimension: (Electric)29*15*46cm/11.4*5.9*18.1in | (Remote Control)27.9*15.2*43.2cm/11*6*17in
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Electric dinosaur, RC dinosaur

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