Remote control robot dinosaur toy for kids


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Multifunctional Remote Dinosaur – Remote control dinosaur is equipped with an infrared fossil remote control with two large buttons to help command. Press the “Skull” of the fossil to control the head move and spay, and the “Feet” to control dinosaur walking!

Premium ABS Material – RC dinosaur is made of premium eco-friendly ABS material, no peculiar smell, no fading. All paints and finishes are tested to the strictest safety and quality standards and safe toys for children. Provide the greatest degree of safety protection for your children.

Interactive Dinosaur Pet – Walking dinosaur has a lifelike appearance prehistoric and green color body. Trex dinosaur has a stunning green light in eyes that illuminates when the dinosaur robot gets active. It could move, flame spraying, realistic roaring, and laying eggs Not only the outward appearance but the sounds, we did our best to restore a true Tyrannosaurus to the children. Let them learn more about dinosaurs while playing.

Easy to Install and Play – This T-rex dinosaur toy is equipped with a rechargeable battery(not included). It is easy to install by pressing the second spine of the tail to connect with the body. Then fill the water tank of its head, turn on the switch to enjoy your Jurassic adventure.

Kids will be enthused to receive this as a gift for any occasion – RC dinosaurs have exquisite packaging, high-quality materials, and vivid dinosaur interpretations, which can stimulate their creativity and imagination. This is a very attractive toy, and it will definitely become your child’s favorite dinosaur pet.

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