Remote Control Dinosaur Toy Kids RC Programmable Dinosaur Robot



 bullet point:[Wireless Remote Control] – The remote control dinosaur adopts a wireless omni-directional remote control design, and the remote control can control a distance of 20 meters.[Programmable] – The electric dinosaur has an automatic demonstration function and is easy to operate. The sequence of actions can be edited through the programming keys.[Flexible Action] – The eyes of the little dinosaur can glow, and looks very domineering. When walking, the tail swings and is detachable, and the mouth opening and closing is very interesting.[Full Function] – The toy dinosaur can be remotely controlled to forward/backward/turn left/turn right/walk forward/walk backward/roar/music/program/pause/glide and so on.[Realistic Roar] – The dinosaur roars when it walks, just like a real dinosaur. It’s very cool and interesting, it increases the fun of the game, and children will like to play.

The mouth can be opened and closed. Turn on the switch, the eyes have light and sound effects.
When the switch is turned on, the joints can move and can move and walk.
When a dinosaur walks, its tail swings from side to side.
There are sliding wheels at the bottom for sliding or walking.
The dinosaur switch is under the chest and turned on with light and sound effects.

Colors: White, Black
Material: plastic
Size: about 42*13*24cm
Charging time: 2 hours
Use time: 10-20 minutes
Remote control battery: 2 AA batteries  

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