Rc Submarine With Radio Control & Led


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Mini RC Submarine With Radio Control & LED

Oh Boy! Take a look at this amazing RC Submarine that you can play with radio control.

The Mini RC Submarine With Radio Control & LED is intuitively designed for enthusiast kids to play with. The RC submarine can be controlled with radio control and can dive underwater either in the swimming pool or aquarium. The Mini RC submarine is a great learning exercise to judge your kid�s mental and physical coordination. The Radio control submarine can dive up to 0.5 meters of depth and radio control has a range up to 5m. The RC Submarine can be easily played for about 30-40 minutes when fully charged. You can even rotate the RC submarine full 360� with radio control. It�s very easy to play with and your kids will surely love this!

You can charge this RC Submarine directly from radio control with a proprietary connector included in the package. Once it�s fully charged, it will have about 30 minutes of playtime. The RC Submarine has LED lights on the front that is visible on a day as well. With its 3 different motors, you will never go out of power! The mini RC submarine supports velocity up to 0.1m/s that is quite fun to play within the swimming pool or big aquarium. The Mini RC Radio submarine doesn�t require any assembly as it�s ready to play with.

The radio control submarine is portable enough to carry around. The remote control included with this RC submarine is waterproof as well so even underwater it transmits the signal and can easily control the submarine. One can easily dive up to a specific depth and supports straight line navigation. You can not get better RC submarine with all the feature other than this! Don�t take too long while ordering.

Key Features:

  • RC Submarine is capable of 0.5m depth.
  • The radio control has a range of 5m to control the submarine.
  • Can be played for approx. 30 minutes when fully charged.
  • LED lights are visible even in the daytime.

  • 360� spin rotation is available.
  • Can accelerate up to 0.1m/s velocity.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery lasts long.
  • You can charge this submarine directly from the included connector.

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