Prowatch Bluetooth Multi Function Smart Watch


    Black Carbon
    Black Carbon
    Rose Gold
    Rose Gold
    Silver White
    Silver White

    First Smartwatch AND Fitness tracker in one sleek watch.
    High-quality, easy-to-read display in all lighting.
    Accurate tracking of your heart rate and heart rhythm.
    Water-resistant, Menstrual Cycle Tracker and Sleeping Monitor.
    Activity rings track your progress and inspire you to sit less and move more.
    Personal voice assistant function, take and make calls, arrange appointments, etc.

    For nearly all of us, these are the most important features. They made it so you can be always up to date and safe!

    The PROWATCH� features integrated mobile phone support so seniors can easily get help from anywhere using cellular technology. Some of the features of the TECH WATCH include advanced location tracking through GPS positioning and Wi-Fi, reminders and alerts for medications and other important tasks and events, even a weather forecast app!

    What Are Other Some Key Features?
    The TECH WATCH is packed with lots of useful stuff you�d find in big branded smartwatches:

    Bluetooth 4.0 protocol maintains a constant connection to help the owner find the clock from the phone quickly.

    Heart sensors designed to let people with heart conditions or anxiety know when they might need to take it easy.

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    Black Carbon, Rose Gold, Silver White

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