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Projection Digital Radio Alarm Clock

For Heavy Sleepers Bedroom Smart Led Mirror Dual Electric Battery Operated Bedside Desk Clocks With Phone Charger



v 180° Ultra-clear Rotatable Projector & Brightness Dimmer: You can rotate the projector 180°of this ceiling projection alarm clock, the projection image also can be flipped 180°. The brightness of projection can be adjusted to bright or dim, you can read the time easily as long as you open your eyes with the cool digital alarm clock.

180° Ultra-clear Rotatable

Brightness Dimmer


vRadio Function & Sleep Timer: The am fm radio alarm clock can automatically search/lock/storage unlimited number stations within 76-108 MHz for your quickly and easily use. Adopting auto-off function allows you to set 5 to 90 minutes sleep timer and it will turn off automatically after the specified timer. Classical music before bed can help you relax and fall asleep quickly, while the morning news can help you focus on what’s hot today, and all these can be achieved with this nightstand clock.

Radio Function

Automatic storage/76.0-108.0mhz/15level volume/Auto-off 5-90minutes

v7.3″ Large LED Mirror Display: Our smart alarm clock comes with a 7.3 inch mirror LED display so that you can clearly see the time even if you are 30 feet away from your bedroom. At the same time, this alarm clock sound can be used as a makeup mirror which will keep your beautiful all the day. The acrylic mirror is specially treated and will not be scratched easily.

7.3″ LED Mirror Display


Also a makeup mirror

v12/24H DST & Brightness Dimmer: 12 or 24-hour system can be changed of the modern digital alarm clock. Morning alarm clock is equipped with a high sensitivity sensor, which can adjust the display brightness according to the environment and turn on the night mode to avoid irritating light. It is suitable for light sleepers, you can manually set the Bright-Medium-Dim 3-level brightness as well.

12/24H DST

Brightness Dimmer


vDual Alarms & Snooze: This digital table clock has dual clocks, which enables you to set two separate wake-up times for you and your partners at the same day, it is a great choice for a 2-person bedroom. The snooze button is located in a convenient central location, you can easily turn off the alarm without opening your eyes to get 5 minutes of sleep time. To prevent oversleeping, the alarm will sound every 5 minutes until it is completely turned off, it is a good multiple alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Dual Alarms
5 Minutes Snooze

vUSB Charging Port & Memory Function: Stylish charging alarm clock with USB 5V output interface allow you to charge cellphone/tablets/other electronics devices. Backup Memory battery can remain clock time working normally and remember original time/alarm/radio/snooze settings, no need to reset while in case of power failure.


vTemperature & Humidity: The minimalism alarm clock has temperature and humidity monitoring, let you know more about the indoor environment today.





ABS plastic + coated mirror



Screen Type:

7.3” LED mirror screen







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1 * Projection Alarm Clock
1 * Charging Cable
1 * User Manual



Question: Does this clock have battery back up for power outages?
Answer: Yes, this clock have battery back up for power outages, the time is still accurate when the power is out and there is no need to reset the time when power in.
Question: Does the sound on the alarm stop after a certain amount of time, or will it keep ringing until turned off or snoozed?
Answer: It will keep ringing until you turn off the snooze, it’s better choice for heavy sleepers just like me.
Question: Is the charging port for a usb type c?
Answer: Yes.USB Type C. Very handy!Can charge my other devices at night.
QuestionIs the display bright enough to see in a bright room?
Answer: Absolutely. This alarm clock has a automatic dimmer that automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment, i can clearly see the time, i love it so much!
QuestionThe clock is not clearly projected on the wall. It only shows one number and that too is blurry…. What to do?
Answer: Try to choose different modes, also try placing the device at different distances from the wall.
Questioncan you turn off mirror display and only have black background?
Answer: Yes
QuestionMy projection image is upside down. Is it possible to change the lens so that it shows on the cieiling above right side up?
Answer: No, you’d have to turn the clock around.
QuestionCan you see projection time during night?
Answer: Yes, you can clearly see the time on wall, I love this function so much, when I wake up at night, I can directly see the time without having to look at my phone
QuestionCan this be wall mounted and is it battery operated?
Answer: Have not tried to wall mount , but needs to be plugged in to wall charger.
QuestionCan you tilt projector so you have the choice to project it on the wall or the ceiling? Thanks
Answer: Yes it flexible to turn all around, we can use to project on wall on front, back and celing as well.
Questiondoes this clock plug into a 110 volt house Outlet
Answer: Yes it comes with charger which fits into 110V US socket.
QuestionHow can I replace the batteries?
Answer: There is a socket to remove and replace battery on the back of the clock
QuestionCan you turn off the projection feature if you don’t want to see the time projected?
Answer: Yes, generally I use only clock at day time and use projection at night.
QuestionCan you dim the clock all the way down and just have the projection only?
Answer: Yes we can turn off clock and just keep projection , I use this setting mostly.
QuestionDose the plug into 110
Answer: Yes
QuestionDoes it measure inside temperature and humidity?
Answer: It measures temperature, not humidity though, at least not that I can see.
QuestionDoes it have a timet?
Answer: I think you mean Timer. The answer is, it has an alarm that can be used as a timer I suppose.
QuestionCan you change the color projected? Red to blue?
Answer: No, the projected color is only red

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