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Adopts the vacuum negative pressure water cycle technology, spray the solution from the center of working head, directly to the deep pores, dissolve sebum, soften cutin, replenish skin moisture, suck out the blackheads, dead skin and impurities in pores, discharge waste from the outside of working head, promote circulation, accelerate metabolism. Make your skin firm, delicate, elastic and rejuvenated.

3 Gears suction strength adjustable.

6 Different replaceable working heads,Applicable to the skin and environment of different areas of the face


Color: White

Material: plastic

Function: water circulation, high suction, vacuum removal of blackheads and acne, skin care

Suction rating: level three

Water tank capacity: 40ml

Battery capacity: 400 mA

Charging time: 90 minutes

Use time: about 60 minutes

Charging method: USB cable

Boot mode: long press for 3 seconds


1. Open the water tank, tighten the bottom of the bottle after adding water,

2. Use a hot towel or blackhead liquid to apply on the facial skin and keep it for 5-10 minutes to open the pores and soften the skin;

3. Select the suction head of the corresponding part, install the suction head on the main unit, and choose three levels of suction;

4. Slowly move the skin on the face, please do not stay in the same position for too long to avoid skin redness;

5. After cleaning, rinse with cold water, apply facial mask, and use moisturizers appropriately to keep the face moisturized


1. The product cannot be used when it is charged, please use it after charging;

2. Please do not stay in the same position for too long when using to avoid skin redness and purple

Product size: 20*5*4cm



The solution added to the cup is controlled within 30ML.

When operating, the working head can not stay in the same place for a long time.

After use, facial redness appears, this is a normal reaction, usually, 5-10 minutes will disappear naturally. If you feel pain or the suction is too strong, please lower the suction gear or replace the working head.

Packing list:


6Pcs*head accessories

1Pcs*charging cable

1Pcs*English manual

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