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Planetarium Features

– Light ray promoting the rise of�melatonin (the sleep hormone).

– Multilevel advanced optics for extreme brightness projection.

– Silent rotation of the disc so as not to disturb your sleep.

Product Information

Colour: Black
Shell material: Plastic
Projection style: Cosmic celestial bodies
Light Source: 2.5W 0.3A tungsten lamp beads
Product Size: 138*138*82mm

USB Version Description
1. USB link power (computer, power bank, mobile phone plug and socket)
2. The USB will light up when it is plugged in. If it is unplugged, the light will not turn on.


1*Set Star Projection Lamp
1* Chinese and English Manual
1*USB data cable

What you need to know
1. No effect during the day. Even closing the curtains has no effect
2. The effect of the dark night room looks good.
3. projection suitable height: 2.8 meters, because the stars are very small and very dense.
4. projection suitable mask: 12 square meters

Several types of animation��:

– THE SOUTH HEMISPHERE and the Andromeda Galaxy�


– The light beams of the Planetarium have been designed toincrease the melatoninof your body (the sleep hormone) and thuseliminate insomnia.

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