Optimus Bumblebee Transformer Action Figure Toys Suitable For Age 5+ Children



These action figures toys are designed according to the characters from a famous movie Transformer. For children who love these movie characters, these toys can serve as the ideal presents for them. Toy figure looks like the Optimus Prime character and�Bumblebee character. Transforming robot toys have very flexible joints, can change from car to robot and robot to car.


  • Kids love to play with these toys
  • You can convert the figures
  • It increases their imagination� level and motor skills
  • Lightweight and compact, very cute & also very convenient
  • For the beautiful appearance, it is a perfect gift�
  • Two solid colors and polish finish�
  • Available in two famous characters�Optimus & Bumblebee�
  • Two in one, children can play the game with their friends for hours
  • This is �suitable for children to improve the ability of toys
  • It is an excellent collection for the transformers lovers


  • Made with sturdy materials, quality plastic�
  • Can change into a�car�or a robot
  • You can get two kinds of toys with only one toy
  • This toy has two styles, one is the tank model, and the other is the off-road vehicle model
  • Very much durability and adaptability�
  • These toys have very flexible joints, Convenient�carrying, and storage
  • Images are for reference only, some colors may vary.�

Package Includes:��1 Piece�Transformation Anime Series Action Figure Toy
*Disclaimer: For faster�shipping The product does not include the original box. It’s only the toy*�

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Blue, Yellow

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