Ninja Dragons BTMAX Bluetooth Earbuds



    Powerful all new Dragons BTMAX Bluetooth 5.1 wireless earbuds. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology with upgraded sound chips providing the ultimate sound experience.

    With its 2200mah charging case, you can enjoy days of usage and use the charging box as your mobile phone charger at any time and anywhere.

    3 levels battery indicator on the charging box provides you with real time info of the battery level of each earbud and the charging box as well.

    50mah high capacity battery for each earbud giving you all day usage.

     The charging box provides you up to 180 hours of usage time.

    The fully charged box is able to charge your earbuds up to 40 times.

    Key points : 
    Bluetooth 5.1 with IPX7 waterproof. 6 core upgrades for this 2021 model. 

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