Nanocomposite Posensitive Night Vision Glasses (Released On August 1)


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      The night vision glasses made of new nanocomposite photosensitive materials (polyamide shell, polyurethane polyurea and silver halide, etc.) released by Imperial College London on August 1. The technology used for the Night Vision Glasses was developed explicitly to aid military forces with low-light conditions. Nothing ruins your natural night vision faster than glaring light. That can end deadly if you�re in a tactical situation. That�s why elite military units demand excellent equipment and technology. Fortunately, you don�t have to be in a war zone to use this technology. The perfect effect and low cost will make it the first universal night vision tool.
      Night Fishing
      Provide better visibility when night fishing and helps to quickly locate items of kit, tie rigs, bait up.

      Wilderness Survival
      Good visibility is vital for outdoor explorers in the wilderness. It can help you see surroundings and people, objects and animals at night and in low light conditions.

      Wildlife Observation
      Brings new opportunities to observe the wildlife around the clock.
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      Mountaineering and Caving
      Helps to see what you�ve never seen before.
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      Over-compensating pupils ruin night vision and these new glasses take care of this by using an anti-reflective coating. This results in special protection for your eyes and overall better night sight.

      product information

      Name: Nanocomposite photosensitive night vision glasses
      Place of Origin: London, England
      Material: Nano-laminated photosensitive material (lens), Tough resin material (frame)
      Weight: 0.15 lbs
      Delivery time: Global delivery time is about 1-2 weeks

      scenes to be used

      The Night Vision Glasses improve optical clarity to reveal hidden details, whether you are driving your car, skiing in the mountains, running through the park, camping, traveling, hunting, cave exploration, etc. It can help in almost any aspect of life.

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