Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump



    12V 24V Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump For Pumping Diesel Oil Water Aluminum Alloy Electric Submersible Diesel Oil Water Pump

    • The portable submersible oil pump has stable performance and is completely sealed and insulated.
      Lightweight, easy to install, and carry.
      The wire is 3 meters long and the pump port diameter is 16 mm.
      Suitable for large harvesters, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, large-wheeled tractors, etc.




    Using DC12V direct current motor, low noise, fast speed. It has good sealing performance and adopts multiple seals to prevent leakage and prolong service life.




    • The stainless steel shell increases the thickness of the shell, makes the shell stronger, not easy to deform, and can effectively prevent the shell from rust and rot.

    • There is a stainless steel filter in the bottom filter of the oil well pump to make the diesel oil (or water) pumped out cleaner. The bottom filter is equipped with a threaded interface, which is convenient for disassembly, maintenance, and replacement. Can achieve the purpose of repeated use.


    • There is a midway switch on the power cord for easy operation. The oil output is about 12L/min. After use, the oil well pump should be taken out of the oil (or water) in time.

    • When pumping oil, you should first connect the self-prepared oil outlet hose, and then put the whole oil well into clean oil (or water).








    • Stainless steel


    • 16CM × 9CM × 5CM

    Package Size

    • 19CM × 12CM × 9CM

    Product Weight

    • 12v clip 38mm white oil pump :330G

    • 24v clip 38mm white oil pump :351G

    • 12v 38mm golden oil pump:356G

    Package Contents

    • Multifunctional Electric Oil Pump× 1



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