Mini Electric Hand Drill Set


1 * electric mill
1 * electric mill
1 electric mill+10 drill bits
1 electric mill+10 drill bits
1 electric mill+10 drill bits+105 drill accessories
1 electric mill+10 drill bits+105 drill accessories
1 set
1 set


  • VERSATILE. Compact size, useful for electronic assembly, tooling, model making, winding, home improvement, and hobby. Different functions can be achieved by using different drill bits when used on wood, plastic, rubber, PVC, walnut, model, bones, horns, amber, olives, and other materials, jewelry, plastic and more.

  • PORTABLE. Small volume, lightweight, easily carry, comfort grip handle, offers better control while drilling.

  • MULTIPURPOSE. Perfect electric grinder for cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing and drilling.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY. This is a smart and useful hand tool for working on the PCB circuit plate board, thin metal, thin alumni. Aluminum alloy shell, appearance sandblasting, long-life use.

  • DRILL HOLES AND MORE. Ideal for drilling holes in wood, plastic, paper, sheet metal, acrylic, mixed media and more. (It can NOT work on high hardness material. Please Note: It can not work on high hardness material like iron.)


Blue version

  • Product size: 12*3*3 cm

  • Power supply: DC 3V-12V 2A

  • Input power: 2A

  • Max. Speed: 13000 (rpm)

  • Head diameter: 0.3-4 (mm)

  • Chuck size: 6mm

  • Cord length: 2.13 (m)

  • Chuck range: 0.3-4mm

Black version

  • Product size: 11.5*2.5*2.5 cm

  • Cord length: 1.64 (m)

  • Chuck diameter: 1.2 mm

  • Rated output: 10 (W)

  • Power supply: DC 5V

  • Rated speed: 8500 (rpm)

  • Chuck range: 0.7-1.2mm/ 2.5-3.2mm

  • Maximum drill diameter: 1.2 (mm)

Additional information

1 * electric mill, 1 electric mill+10 drill bits, 1 electric mill+10 drill bits+105 drill accessories, 1 set

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