Magnetic Gsm Listening Device, Gprs Locater And Sd Card Sound Recorder


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This tiny battery operated�device is a 3 in 1�global listening�device LBS tracker (NOT GPS) and sound�recorder. This GSM spy bug recorder is the smallest of its kind only 35mm x 23mm x 15mm.�Instant live audio monitor and LBS locater and MicroSD sound recorder.�It is easy to set up and use by inserting SIM card for network connection and memory card for sound recorder (if required). Place in the area of interest to listen and record and track/locate. It has magnetic side to mount to metal surface or vehicle.

The�rechargeable battery lasts 1-2 days on standby and 2-3 hours in�use and 24 hours�recording. It can provide battery status by SMS text (credit on sim is required). It also operates whilst charging and can be left working�indefinitely connected to external power.�

Supports quad band GSM networks with 850/900/1800/1900MHz for connection at all times. Supplied with a PAYG sim card for UK customers ready to use immediately ‘out of box’.�Also works on Europe, USA and other major networks around the world.�

Insert SIM card and call from any phone number to listen. Send a text to bind your number to device and only you can call and listen. When connected you hear clear sound�around it’s location up to and over 4 metre’s away (16 feet).�Sound activation feature automatically calls you when sound above 40db (a voice) is heard. Measures only 35mm x 20mm x 15mm, weighs only 20 grammes making it the smallest lightest magnetic spy bug recorder.

Micronic approved and tested this device putting it through real situation’s. Operated abroad and in the UK using different SIM card GSM networks. In UK we tested 3 main networks (EE, Vodafone, O2) we recommend using one of these for best results.�

As a listening device it is superb and the sound quality is fair to good. It filters sounds heard from television or radio and human voice is much clearer.

Fully charged the battery lasts 90 minutes / 1.5 hours on full�use�and on standby for 36 hours / 1.5 days. Sound recorder is basic / standard quality and not sound activated recording constant. It records 24 hours on battery alone and stores 2000+ hours on a 32GB memory card.

The LBS locater tracker is very basic giving an area location of 50-2500 metres�and not accurate. It solely depends on the network signal strength and not GPS and only works when close to GSM masts. Please note this is an added feature and not its primary purpose. The audio listening and recording feature is the main purpose of this�device.

Features and Specifications
Miniature size 35mm x 23mm x 15mm
GSM 850/900/1800/1900mHz
Battery: 450mAH LiPO lithium
Battery standby life 1-2 days
Battery use time 1-2 hours
Audio listening device
Sound recorder
Sound activated call back

Package Contents:
1 x GSM Listening device
1 x USB Charger Cable
1 x English instructions

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