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    Don�t you just hate it when you can�t reach behind your pet�s ear to remove the excess fur? Areas like their face, behind their ears, and around their paws still need trimming, but it�s such a hard task with the normal trimming and grooming tools!


    No worries, you will be able to do this smoothly with this very precise and quiet, and rechargeable trimmer.

    Shaving your dog�s paws and hidden spots are important because these tiny places are the bacteria�s favorite place to hide! Neglecting to shave these spots can cause inflammation.

    Trim your pet�s ears, paws, and face effortlessly!


    • EFFORTLESS PRECISION The lightweight and ergonomic design make trimming the unreachable spots with precision an effortless task.
    • MUTE Super effective thanks to the powerful but mute motor and the narrow stainless-steel cutter head.
    • BATTERY LASTS FOREVERConvenient USB charging and an all-day battery that lasts for 6 hours on a single charge so you can trim all your pets on a single charge.
    • SAFESafe on you and your pet doesn�t overheat and poses no danger on your pooch.
    • USE IT IN ALL PETS – Use it on dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more!



    1. Before using the dog clipper, please fully charge it.

    2. Before grooming, please wash the pet and keep it clean and free of dirt. This will make your pet feel more comfortable and make grooming easier.

    3. If you clean the blade with water, dry the blade and add some oil to it to help maintain optimal performance.

    4. For beginners, you’d better help your pet wear an Elizabeth collar to keep the hair from getting into the pet’s nose or eyes.

    5. If your pet has long, thick hair, you need to use short scissors first, otherwise, the scissors may get stuck and not work properly.


    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Voltage : 110-240V
    • Output: AC 3V 1000mA
    • Charging time: 6 hours
    • Using time: 60mins
    • Power source: USB
    • Size : 16cm x 3cm x 2.8cm


    • 1 pc x Low Noise Electric Pet Groomer
    • 1 pc x USB cable


    I LOVE this groomer. First of all, I have never owned a dog that needed haircuts. But we wanted Goldendoodles that don’t shed, so they need to be trimmed. We have two pups and they were 4 months old when we used these clippers for the first time. To take two dogs to the groomers just gets way too expensive, so I decided to be brave and try it myself. How hard could it be?�I rigged up a “station” in our garage including a little harness for their underbelly so they would stay standing. I needed help to keep the boys entertained with treats while I did the clipping. And to my surprise, these clippers are SUPER quiet. The dogs never flinched when I turned it on. The attachments are easy to get on and off.�I’m really happy with this product and would highly recommend it.


    These clippers�are actually AMAZING. Folks, my cat was severely (and I mean SEVERELY) matted. I kept planning on bringing him in to the groomer’s but hadn’t gotten around to making an appointment yet. So I bit the bullet and bought these shaver clippers. The whole process was actually quite easy from buying the clippers to actually using them. Because of his hair being so matted, I didn’t use a guard. It was like shearing a sheep! I came away without a scratch and with a really pretty, happy kitty to boot. He was pissed at me for a little bit (I got the stare-down) but in the end it was all worth it. The clippers did the entire job on one charge and now we’ve got a semi-hairless matt-free, 4 lbs lighter (formerly known as our Maine-coon) kitty running around the neighborhood *AND* it cost way less than getting him professionally groomed. It was well worth the purchase. I’ll use them again when his hair is about four inches long.


    SHIPPING DELAY NOTICE:Please expect a 2-4 week shipping delay due to the High Volume of Order.

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