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    This Cover designed to keep your hands & leg warm and cosy riding in the cold weather. Protect you from colds effective by the cold wind, and strengthened for motorway stability.


    • Leg Cover is designed to attach to yourself. Thus, this protector is no model restrictions and generally used for all Scooter, Vespa, Termoscud R154, Piaggio.
    • This cover is very warm in winter because it directs the hot air from the radiator up the blanket into your jacket. The wind cannot penetrate it at all to help keep legs warm.
    • protects the legs and an upper part of the body�essential for the scooter, especially in winter. designed to have a comfortable sitting position slightly cut in the lower part for the central tunnel reflective edges while driving, it is worn like an apron.

    • The belts for the waist and the shoulders with snap buckles facilitate the handling and avoid the flutter can be placed on the seat when the scooter is parked, protecting the footrest and seat from water and dirt.
    • The inner pocket to integrate the seat can also be used in another way while driving; It is located between the legs and the abdominal area.
    • Our leg cover does not require installation on the scooter, It is easily fastened behind the back and with a regulating wire behind the head to protect the chest and remain adherent to the body.


    • Side height: 50-65 cm
    • �Height of the lower part of the leg: 50 cm
    • �Width of the lower part of the leg: 38-48 cm
    • Thigh-length: 60 cm
    • Thigh width: 38-60 cm
    • Height x width abdomen area: 33 x 29-41 cm
    • Waist strap length: up to 96 cm
    • Shoulder strap length: up to 106 cm
    • Width x depth pocket seat: up to 39 x 28 cm

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    • 1xLeg Cover
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