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Instead of spending hundreds on prescription glasses and an optometrist�s appointment, you can s ave money and get the same effect.

GLASCO� is a set of customizable focus-control glasses. You put on the glasses, then adjust the dial to control the magnification.

  • For Near or Far-Sightedness – Developed by top optical scientists, our sliding lens technology lets you see up close, into the distance and all around you, with an incredible adjustment of between -6 and +3 Diopters. In two quick, simple steps, simply adjust each eye�s dial until the included eye chart comes into focus and you�re done.

  • Convenient Backup Pair – Keep a pair of GLASCO� in your car, nightstand, bag, drawer or work desk for sharp, clear vision anywhere you go. They also come in handy if you�re waiting for new glasses, an appointment with the optometrist or if your glasses were damaged or lost.

  • One Pair For Any Task – There�s nothing more annoying than having to carry around 3 pairs of glasses – for reading, driving and TV. With GLASCO��s cutting-edge optical technology now you can carry one pair, and still get it all done.

  • Changes With You – As we get older, our eyes slowly lose the ability to change focus for nearby objects. It happens to all of us, and it�s called presbyopia. But with GLASCO�, it adjusts with you, keeping your vision sharp over the years no matter what.

  • Light and Durable – All our lenses have a tough, Anti-Scratch coating, offering great durability. Plus the thin, lightweight frame is designed to take a beating, so it won�t break if dropped or accidentally sat on.


  • Adjustable lens eyeglasses
  • World’s first eyeglasses for distance without a prescription
  • Turn the dials to adjust for distance or reading instantly
  • Great as spare eyeglasses
  • Impact resitant lenses, flexible frames
  • Adjustalbe nose pads
  • Great for men and women

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  1. Mike

    Very good value for money.. Thank you..

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