Furry Wind Cover / Muff / Windshield For Lavaliere Lapel Microphones


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    The FWS3 Furry windshield fits 3mm-9mm diameter lavaliere clip on lapel microphones. Perfect for recording speech when outdoors in extreme weather. Instantly eliminating all noise�without any�detriment to the microphones�sensitivity. The outside fur absorbs wind over 70mph protecting the microphone inside. The material used underneath the fur is a porous cloth allowing sound to reach the microphone. The results are excellent and a must have�accessory for the professional sound recordist.

    Outside fur diameter approximately 40-50mm
    Outside fur length approximately 40-50mm
    Inside fur diameter approximately 3mm-9mm

    An absorbent material that eliminates wind noise without effect to microphone.
    These can be cropped, brushed or groomed to suit.
    If intending to use�a microphone outdoors in extreme windy conditions then consider this furry windshield. Furry windshields are fantastic for most conditions and eliminate noises made when air makes contact to microphone. The FWS3 windshield is designed to fit mini microphones of 3-6mm outside diameter.

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    Black, Grey, White

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