Foam Roller



    Get a deeply relaxing massage with our Yoga Foam Roller now available in 4 exciting modes. The roller is designed to give you a deep tissue massage while relaxing your intricate muscle cells. 

    • High performance, eco friendly, medium-density EVA foam massage roller soothes the back, leg , quad, hamstring , it band, foot , fascia, calves , hip , shoulder, fingers , forearm, reduces scar tissue and cellulite
    • Perfect for runners, yoga, pilates, dance, athletes, before running to stretch, after workout recovery to get relief from sciatica, plantar fasciitis, strained lower back and neck, calf, legs, feet, upper arm, etc.
    • Foam rollers make great accessories for the gym, roll your body and sore muscles after exercise just like sports therapy, fitness , and thoracic chiropractic professionals
    • Stop searching for tools and equipment, this is the ultimate back roller massager for proper stretching, back pain, balance training, apply firm therapeutic pressure while rolling hard muscles with this classic tool
    • Protected by US Patents : 9,345,921 & 9,539,167 & 9,656,112 & 10,278,890 & 10,695,260
    • eBook Companion Guide – Please download our companion eBook right here on this page, under the section called “Product guides and documents”
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