Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder


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Want To Store All Your Fishing Gear In One Single Fishing Backpack?

Every fisherman knows the right gear will make you successful, but if you can’t carry all your gear then you’ll have no chance. Whats the alternative make 3-5 trips back and forth to get everything or 1 trip with the�Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder.�

The�Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder allows you a hassle free storage solution that is specifically made for fishing. Never worry about forgetting something or having to make multiple trips with the fishing backpack. We created the fishing backpack to make life easier for the everyday fishing professional. The backpack tackle box makes fishing even more fun and enjoyable never having to worry about the worst part (traveling).

Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder Waterproof

The tackle backpack comes with a large 23L capacity, with a main area, zipper pocket and a partition for extra storage. Along the outside of the fishing tackle backpack is multiple hooks, belts, ties, pockets and straps for storing extra items and to strap on your fishing rods and poles easily.

Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder Waterproof


  • WATERPROOF: The fishing backpack with rod holder is 100% waterproof and will be able to keep all your gear dry in case of capsize, dropping it or from the rain
  • MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS: Easily store your items in the 3 main pockets inside the 23L waterproof fishing backpack and the multiple straps, belts, ties, pockets on the outside. All your gear will comfortably fit in the best fishing backpack on the market
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The backpack fishing rod is light and durable and can carry up to 2 fishing rods at one time. The fishing tackle box backpack is made from high quality materials and water resistant inside and out

Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder Waterproof


  • Color: Black
  • Size: 45 x 26 x 26cm
  • Weight: 660g
  • Capacity: 23L

Package Includes:

  • 1 x�Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder

Fishing Backpack Tackle Box Rod Holder Waterproof
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