Fish Tank Magnetic Brush


    • As you move the outer magnet, the inside magnet follows,hence cleans the glass suitable for use with varying glass thickness.
    • The streamline design is so artistic and pleasing to the eye.
    • Floating design avoids lost magnets on the bottom of your aquarium and makes it convenient for use.
    • Non slip griped handle for improved cleaning action.
    • Super strong magnets for use with varying glass thicknesses.
    • Non slip griped handle improves the cleaning action, while anti-scratch cleaning pads are highly efficient in removing algae from glass.
    • This cylinder has a brush,parents whono longer have to worry about being. unfriendly small petsareattacked, no longer need to go brush chock exposed arm cylinder it.


    •  Plastic.
    • Package Size:150 x 100 x 120 mm.
    • Small size: About 7cm long and 3.7cm wide.
    • Medium size: About 9.5cm long and 4.3cm wide.  
    • Large size: About 10.4cm long and 5.5cm wide.
    • Extra large size: About 12cm long and 6.2cm wide.

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