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Dust is everywhere and regular feather dusters just spread the dust around, while cleaning with a cloth and furniture polish is time consuming and labor intensive!

Now you can power clean your home quickly and easily with the Electric Spin Duster. This motorized dust wand does all the hard work for you, eliminating dust in half the time. Just press the button and start dusting! Evict those dust bunnies hiding in hard-to-reach areas once and for all.

The super-soft dust heads are gentle and suitable for all surfaces. They conform to fit any shape and space, making house cleaning a breeze. Thanks to the electrostatic charge, bristles attract and trap dust with ease!

After you’re finished cleaning, simply rinse the dust head and allow it to air dry. Your dust head is just like new and ready to tackle your next mess. The Electric Spin Duster uses AA batteries, which are NOT included.

Spin away dust with The Electric Spin Duster!

  • Motorized dust wand
  • Does the hard work for you
  • Dust heads attract and trap dust
  • Super-soft dust heads conform to all shapes
  • Fits in hard-to-read places
  • Safe for all types of surfaces
  • One-button operation
  • Reusable dust heads
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