Electret Condenser True Stereo Uni-Directional Cardioid Microphone 3.5Mm Trs Stereo Jack Plug


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    A sensitive and impressive Cardioid uni-directional true stereo�with left and right microphones. Directional and wide frequency response ideal for music and speech recordings.

    3.5mm stereo jack plug
    Superior quality construction
    Strong rugged metal housing
    Ultra miniature and lightweight
    True stereo Cardioid uni-directional pick up pattern

    This microphone is true stereo, meaning it has 2 microphones. 1 left and 1 right microphone giving a true stereo pick up. Particurlarly good for recording live music or outdoor recordings where sounds are coming from different directions. It’s cardioid pick up pattern makes it more directional from left to right channels giving a more effective stereo reception.
    This microphone is compatible to any stereo digital recorder or stereo devices with plug-in power 3.5mm microphone jack socket. There is no need for batteries or additional power leads. The microphone plugs directly into your device.

    Key Features:
    Ultra Small size and lightweight (1/4 of the size of its nearest rival Sony ECM-DS70p)
    Directivity Cardioid Uni-directional stereo
    Reliable electret condenser technology
    High quality microphone for recording on digital media
    Plug-in power operation needs no battery and ensures dependability under virtually all conditions
    Direct connection to recorder, provides faster, easier recording session set-ups

    Type: Electret condenser cardioid microphone
    Left and right channel stereo recording
    Weight: 11.5g
    Noise Level: 34dB SPL
    Frequency Response: 100-16,000Hz
    Plug: 3.5mm stereo jack
    Maximum Input Sound Level: 110dB SPL (THD 1 percent at 1kHz)
    Impedance 2K ohms
    Sensitivity -68dB

    Recommended For:
    Recording on Digital Media: Digital recorders, MiniDisc (MD), DAT, NT, MP3, MP4, Cassette tape.

    The�cardioid�(unidirectional)�microphone�is so named because of its pattern of sensitivity, which is roughly shaped like a heart when drawn out on an axis. This means most of the sound a�cardioidmicrophone�picks up comes from the front of the mic, while minimal noise is picked up from the rear and only marginal noise is picked up from the sides. This type of sensitivity pattern makes the�cardioidmicrophone�useful in myriad situations, including but not limited to situations in which several mics are being used at one time, live performances, and certain recording purposes. Thecardioidmicrophone�is designed to pick up one sound well, with other ambient noises fading into the background.�A�cardioidmicrophone�is particularly useful for live sound, such as concerts. It can also be used as a vocal mic for presentations, public address, and other situations that require a vocal mic. The�cardioidmicrophone�is also a good choice for recording concentrated sounds such as vocals and instruments. Other situations in which acardioidmicrophone�may be used include household applications, such as online chat (skype, msn etc). The�microphone�picks up primarily the speaker’s voice while eliminating other ambient noise, such as background conversation & television.

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