DIY Spiral Pill Generator



    • It is a toy that transforms you into an energy warrior. It will bring you cool special effects. You will be the most shining person around you.
    • This product uses a device similar to an “automatic stirring rod”, but a few LED lights are modified at the end to make it rotate when it is lit, so it can be viewed visually.

    • With adjustable lamp holders, you can adjust different shapes to get different effects.
    • This is a spherical toy that can glow and rotate, and it will be loved by kids.
      It is made of premium plastic material.
    • The length of the product is 20cm, and the width is 20cm, and the height is 20cm.
    • It is the best choice for children’s gift.



    • Size: 20*20*20cm
    • Packaging form: color box packaging
    • Product power supply: 3.7V lithium battery

    Package Content:
    1*luminous toy

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