Crystal Cross Jesus Christ Necklace


    Set of 1
    Set of 1
    Set of 2
    Set of 2
    Set of 3
    Set of 3

    The Crystal Cross Jesus Christ Necklace is the necklace you need to fulfill your faith, your prayer to Jesus, and to guide you to the light path

    It is made of crystal, with a golden Crucifix ornament (Jesus on the cross) on the crystal. The pendant is chained with silver chain. Crystal is known for promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It is said to be able to alleviate stress and improve concentration or creativity.

    The necklace will also bless and protect the wearer from any form of suffering as each necklace was carefully crafted by a priest, and received blessings of the holy water

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    Set of 1, Set of 2, Set of 3

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