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Dealing with head lice is the most frustrating thing in the world.�And like it or not, all children are at risk of getting lice, no matter how good their hygiene. We have the most effective and innovative product to get rid of head lice and nits.

Lice aren’t�just for children, they can affectanyoneatANY time. They�areeasily passed�from person to person in the same house, bedmates and infested family members also will need treatment to prevent the lice from coming back.

Traditional lice removal isdifficult,�requiresharmful chemical pesticidesand will normally result in a�second infestation.�

Electric Head Lice Eliminatorcombinesmulti�powerful technologiesto detect and prevent head lice infestations while providing�immediate visible results.

  1. Nano-bind Teethuse positive ions to�extract both head lice and eggs (nits) into disposable capture filters.
  2. Instantly vacuumpulls and filtersall debris into aconfided pouch
  3. UV Lightcompletely eliminatesall capturedlice and eggs.�


    • 100%Chemical and Pesticide Free.
    • Safe and�stress-free�with nosmelly pesticides,�great for all.
    • Itwon’t damage your lungslike thechemical alternatives.�

    • Reduces the risk of lice returning by 88%
    • Removes and eliminates�ALL traces of lice.
    • Out Performs Other Head Lice Combs and Lice Shampoo�


    1 x AntiLice Electric Head Lice�Treatment Comb.�
    3 x Filters Pouches.
    1 x User Manual.

    The Combis anallergen and chemical-freetreatment whicheliminates All head lice and eggswith the ease of combing the hair. Thishygienic and mess-freeelectric device is able to detect and prevent head lice infestations while providingimmediate visible results.

    With the help ofsuction power, the head lice and eggs that are combed out of the head are sucked into the capture filter housed within theLice Comb, easily seen through the transparent capture filter chamber. After treatment, the capture filter is removed from the unit and sealed with a lid forhygienic disposal.

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