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    Keep an eye on crucial driving information without ever taking your eyes off the road. Projects key driving information retrieved via an OBD II interface which gathers live information straight from your engine. Speed, revs and essential dashboard data (including water temperature and fuel consumption) appears in your regular driving line of sight via the the head up display

    Auto brightness adjustment for total visibility during day and night driving. Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds when driving at 50km/h, means you�ll travel for 27 meters effectively blind.

    Be mindful of your speed without ever taking your eyes off the road, and easily keep track of important dashboard information while you drive thanks to the OBD II Car Head Up Display.

    The head up display projects important driving information right onto your windshield, directly in your driving line of sight.

    In fact, many new, high-end vehicles are being built with head up displays. That�s because it�s a safer, easier way to view vital driving information like your speed.

    Plus, with a wide LED screen and auto brightness adjustment, the OBD II Car Head Up Display is able to project clear and vivid information in all driving conditions, day and night.

    Live data displays

    The display connects to your vehicle�s OBD II interface to retrieve a whole host of important driving information straight from your engine, as it happens.

    Be proactive about your driving safety and overall car care with second by second updates on speed, revs, fuel consumption, water temperature, engine faults and more.

    Plus, with an in-built speed alarm you�ll be alerted when you exceed your set limit, meaning a smoother, safer drive and no more costly speeding fines!

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