Cactus Humidifier Lamp


Grey (No Light)
Grey (No Light)
Pink (No Light)
Pink (No Light)
White (No Light)
White (No Light)
White with Light
White with Light

Using a humidifier goes a long way toward reducing dryness and congestion caused by using your home’s heating system or even colds and flu. Humidifiers facilitate by helping the tiny hairs in the nose move freely, so that they can do their job of filtering out bacteria and irritants that may cause colds or trigger allergies. Humidifiers also prevent dryness that can lead to bloody or irritated nasal passages.

Comes in three colors, white with light, pink not light, white not light and gray not light… 

The adorable, Cactus Humidifier Lamp is made of eco-friendly materials that are perfectly safe to use. It’s easy to use and is powered from the USB port.


  • Capacity: 280ml
  • USB
  • Max Mist Volume: 50ml/h
  • Working Time: 4 Hours

How To Use:

First, simply remove the cactus lid and add water, making sure that the water does not exceed the water line (the mark inside is a horizontal line).

Next, replace the lid and connect the USB cable to a computer or an adapter.

Finally, press the Start button and your Cactus Humidifier Lamp will begin working!

Additional information

Grey (No Light), Pink (No Light), White (No Light), White with Light

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