Booster Lite Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager Vibration Gun


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16mm Stroke – makes the vibration deep into the muscle and speeds up deep muscle lactate elimination

2 x 12V Li-ion Batteries (rechargeable) plus charger & AU AC Adaptor

90-degree adjustable massage arm – offering 5 different massage angles to suit the needs of different body parts

5 Massage Angles Design90 degrees adjustable massage arm, which offers 5 massage angles to serve various body parts

Two Power Batteries & One Outdoor Carrying Case, Equipped with two 1300 mah high energy Lithium batteries


Item specifics

  • Stroke:

    16mm big stroke

  • Product Number:

    Booster Lite

  • Size:


  • Battery:

    2 x 12V Li-ion Batteries

  • No-load speed:

    2200/min max

  • Adjustable angle of massage:

    0° 24° 48° 72° 90°

  • Application:


  • Rated input:


  • Brand:

    Booster Lite

  • Type:

    Deep Body Massager

  • Material:

    Composite Material

Additional information

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