Beige Double Ear Hook Microphone For Line 6 Wireless Radio Body Pack Transmitter


    6.35mm Jack plug
    6.35mm Jack plug
    TA4F 4pin mini XLR
    TA4F 4pin mini XLR
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    Compatible with all Line 6 radio body pack transmitters. Please select your connector type�from the drop down menu.

    This omni-directional microphone is a perfect replacement for any brand of�wireless microphone system. The�Micronic BPE3 earhook�microphone�offers a very smooth frequency response with reliable predictable performance. Industry�professional sound quality – extremely intelligible natural audio for stage & television, singers, lecturers, guides, houses of worship, musicians, actors, commentators.
    This professional high quality microphone is made of rugged lightweight steel designed to meet the challenges of day-to-day use in entertainment, production and theatre settings including demanding sports / aerobics purposes. Great for vocal performances and hands-free operation in the sports, journalism, event organizers, transportation, warehousing and restaurant industries where actions�are demanded whilst being able to speak into a microphone freely and comfortably.
    This inconspicuous headset is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility�with maximum�comfortability, the new 2018 microphone capsule is now only 2.8mm in diameter, may be worn on left or right of face and�adjustable by pulling in and out to required length. These are suitable for adults and children with enough adjustment and flexibility to suit all sizes.
    The ergonomic under ear design is more flexible and adjustable, its contoured loops hook behind both ears for an ultra secure, comfortable fit even with glasses. A foam windshield is included to minimise ‘popping’ sound when rubbed against any surface. These also have detachable cable that can be replaced or changed with different connector cable. A soft flexible copper screened low noise 1.2 metre (4ft) microphone cable.
    Features and Specifications
    Ultra Lightweight headworn�Microphone (7 grammes)
    Designed for live performance�/ fitness industry e.t.c
    Ratio, signal to noise audio: 58dB (1kHz at 1Pa)
    Cable type: Copper screened 2.5mm diameter
    Frequency response, upper limit: 20kHz
    Frequency response, lower limit: 20Hz
    Device type: Back Electret Condenser
    Sensitivity: -38dB/�bar (Open Circuit)
    Durable and comfortable to wear
    Microphone Diameter: 2.8mm
    1.5mm steel metal framework
    Detachable / removable cable
    Voltage, supply DC min: 1.0V
    Voltage, supply DC max: 10V
    Transducer Function: Sound
    Directivity: Omnidirectional
    Flexible robust construction
    Sound level SPL: 110dB
    Length, lead: >1.2 metre
    Impedance: 2.2K Ohm
    Comfortable wearing
    Colour, base:�Beige
    Moisture resistant
    Sweat resistant
    Weight: 7g
    Package includes:
    BPE3 Ear-hook Microphone
    Detachable lead
    Foam windshield
    Plain Box
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    6.35mm Jack plug, TA4F 4pin mini XLR

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