Ature 3.5Mm Trs Stereo Wired Microphone For Pc, Laptop And Digital Voice Recorder


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    Welcome to Micronic’s high quality microphone, the highest selling single microphone. Compatible with ALL Windows PCs and Laptops, excluding Apple MacBooks and PCs.
    It is also suitable for digital voice recorders and most portable recorders with 3.5mm jack plug MIC input. Microphone inputs with PIP (plug in power) includes all modern equipment since 2010.
    A solid mount microphone on a quality 3.5mm gold stereo jack plug. It�s small size is�only 10mm diameter x 15mm length.

    The most sensitive and smallest of it’s kind�only�from Micronic.

    The microphones�clarity is second to none with built in low noise�FET filter to produce clear sound.
    Main features – Omni-directional, high sensitivity, low noise, small size

    Perfect for online chat on any media format (SKYPE, MSN, AOL, VOIP, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, etc). Use for hands-free internet phone-calls, video conferencing, gaming, multimedia applications, language programmes, voice recognition, translation, dictation and most voice/sound software.
    This microphone is suitable for recording�on PC/laptops using sound recorder applications.

    Easy to use, no need for any driver disc or installation, Simply plug into the 3.5mm microphone port (not headset or headphone input) and it is ready.
    The microphone does not need to be angled or positioned to hear voice/sound. If microphone socket is on side or front of your laptop it makes little or no difference.

    Features and Specifications
    Miniature size – 10mm diameter x 15mm height
    High quality�sound and strong solid construction
    Suited for 3.5mm MIC inputs on voice recorder
    PC / LAPTOP (not�MacBooks)�3.5mm MIC input
    3.5mm stereo TRS gold jack plug connector
    Frequency response: 50-18000Hz
    Omni-directional pick up pattern
    Low noise FET technology
    3.5mm plug in power (PIP)
    S/N Ratio more than 60dB
    Sensitivity -44dB � 3.0 dB
    Resistance Load = 1K? / 1000?
    D.C Supply voltage range 2-10 Volts
    Optimum operating voltage Vcc = 6V
    Output Impedance Less than 1 K? � 30%
    Maximum D.C Current Drain Maximum 650 ?A
    Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level 120 dB SPL

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