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    Anyells Stylish Kids GPS Tracking Smartwatch
    As a parent, it is completely normal that your child’s safety is your first concern. Using our new smartwatch dedicated to children, you will be able to keep an eye on your child 24 hours a day. It behaves like a GSM mobile phone with a SIM card and you can track your kids’position in real-time.
    Finally here’s the solution so you can keep an eye on your child all the time!�

    Thanksto this�smartwatch, your children can now�call you�and send youmessages,vocal notes, and evenalertswhen needed. In case of any sudden cases where theydo get lost, you can easily take advantage andlocate them whereverthey are.
    They only need topress the SOS buttonfor 3 seconds, andthe watch will dial 3 SOS phone numbersin 2 rounds each until the call is answered. Each watch can store 10 phone numbers, 3 SOS numbers, plus a distant camera and alocation tool.
    • GPS LOCATION:Thanks to the GPS location system, parents can track their children inreal-time.
    • Safe zone:Parents can customize the safety range on the application when the child goes beyond the safety zone, the applicationwill receive the reminder immediately.

      • Remote camera:Parents can control the camera remotely, allowing them to see their children’s environment.
      • Class mode:When children are at school or in class, parents can set 3 time periods on”Do Not Disturb”� mode. These functions will be prohibited against all features.�

        • Anti-fall:This smartwatch for children is a shockproof safe design and more comfortable for children’s skin.

          • Watchband Material:�Plastic, Silica Gel
          • Weight:�25g

          • Size:�5.2cm x 3.8cm x 1.4cm
          • Color:�Blue, Pink, Green
          • Support 2G Network Only( Not supplied)

          How to Setup?
          1. Install the�application on your mobile phone (parents’ mobile phones).
          2. Turn off the watch, open it, insert a SIM card and close it.
          3. Turn on the watch and connect it with the application by scanning the QR code on the back of the watch.
          4. Customize the watch settings to suit you and your child’s preferences.

            * Please use your SMS to send a few messages to activate your watch.
            • 1 watch.
            • 1 user manual
            • 1 charging cable.
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              Blue, Pink

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