AntiFungal Treatment Spray


    No more thick, discolored, or cracked toenails!
    • This Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray kills toenail fungus and treats severe fungal nail infections, preventing future recurrence and spreading of the fungus to other nails.
    • Infused with anti-inflammatory agents and bio-enzymes, it uproots deep-set bacteria and fungal spores to cease their reproduction cycle.
    • The fact-acting treatment solution penetrates the nail bed quickly to reduce pain & heal thick toenails. Safe to use without side effects.


    • ANTI-FUNGUS: Eradicates cracking & burning caused by toe fungus.
    • PAIN RELIEF: Reduces painful toes and inflammation to protect from athlete’s foot.
    • EASY TO USE: Simply spray 3-4 times on the affected area after a shower.
    • ODOR FREE: Antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties to deodorize stinky feet.
    • REHYDRATE SKIN: Hydrates skin to prevent cracking and peeling of the foot.
    • SAFE FORMULA: Infused with undecyclenic acid & botanical extracts to cure infection with no side effects.


    • Net Content: 60ml (2oz)
    • Package Includes: 
      • 1 x Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray Bottle   Or
      • 2+1 Free x Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray Bottle  Or
      • 3+2 Free x Anti-Fungal Treatment Spray Bottle

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