Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion



    BOOST YOUR MOTORBIKING EXPERIENCE WITH THE MOST COMFORTABLE SEAT! WHAT YOU NEED The requirements for the motorcycle cushion pads are higher especially for long-distance cycling and professional riders. Because the road conditions of cross-country vehicles are mostly rugged mountain roads, undulating roads or filled with various obstacles designed by professional venues. To ensure a more flexible and comfortable to drive, a new material airbag cushion becomes necessary.

    HOW IT WORKS Air Convection Technology-With multiple air convection technology, when the airbag receives the squeeze, the gas flows to each other, producing a uniformly pressurized “anti-gravity” effect. Premium Cushion Material-TPU fabrics has excellent elasticity and wear resistance. This material provides excellent performance under severe weather and manpower. Breathable Comfortable-There are gaps between the airbags on the seat cushion to ensure that the buttocks are on the soft cushion while enjoying a relatively breathable state.

    SUPER PRACTICAL To make the motorcycle seat cushion stay where you want, we used anti-skid particles and double-bandage fixation. The bandages adopt a cross-wrapping method to take care of the shape of the seat, which makes the seat fit the seat cushion better. The bottom of the air motorcycle cushion is also designed with unique anti-slip particles. More restraint and stable.

    Package include :

    1x Motorcycle Air Cushion

    1x Mini electric water pump

    1x Air pump (Including a tube)

    2 x Fabric straps

    1x User Manual

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